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About Tinderbox

Tinderbox Entertainment develops and publishes both video games and board games.

AAAannndd...since nobody online has the attention span to read any additional company PR beyond this point, we decided to display a few of our daily mantras instead!

On salesmanship:
Our games ARE the sales department.
On game design:
Play the game on paper before doing anything else.
On game quality:
We will no longer polish turds.
On game quality:
High quality is mandatory, but highly entertaining is even better.
On living:
Don't work, play.
On programming:
if (work != play) { BreakTime(Now()); }
On game design:
Gameplay is king.
On game design:
Simple and elegant game design is hard to achieve, but worth the effort.
On internet relations:
Don't feed the net trolls. Be disarmingly polite.
On public relations:
Hate mail is better than no mail.
On ego:
Remain approachable. Help other game developers.
On due diligence:
Don't forget to play games!
On design:
Have a reason for doing everything.
On making the best decisions:
Ask for help and second opinions; listen to others, then defend your creative position.
On self-worth:
Be proud of your accomplishments, but toss the ego.
On workplace behavior:
Funny before
On file organization:
Follow the naming convention or you will be whipped!
On spelling:
Always ask someone else to proof reade.
On identity:
Become the gaming community.
On learning:
Learn from the mistakes of others; and for fork's sake don't repeat your own.
On programming fads:
Embrace agile development; it's just a buzz word for more basic and ancient creative techniques.
On death:
Some day you will die, and when you do, you'd better still have your sketchbook on you.
On life:
Dedicate yourself, or there's no point to life.
On professionalism:
Show up, do the work, integrate with the team, and don't forget to argue about the Oxford comma.
On mistakes:
Commit to the repository before you go home!
On dedication:
Be in charge of something at least once a week.
On knowledge:
Teach someone what you've learned once a month.
On limitations:
You can't know it all, so ask around.
On community:
Gamers are smart.
On gamers:
Gamer and problem solver are synonymous.
On NW living:
Embrace the rain, and carry a towel.
On English:
Both videogame and boardgame should be one word.