GameStorm 17 Achievement Unlocked
March 22, 2015

Not only did we have a profitable GameStorm selling dice in our Dice Empire booth, but we also got to meet some really cool folks from Critical Brix, Soul Jar Games, Watchtower Games. It's always a pleasure to hang with our old friends Gamesicle, Crafty Games, and CelStyle!

The weather even rewarded our GameStorming with an actual hail storm and a double rainbow to boot!

All Dice Empire Rewards Have Shipped
February 18, 2015

Today we placed the final 5 backer rewards in the mail, marking the "end" of a very long and dicey journey. With this milestone achievement, we have managed to ship all the orders we can, squeaking by with less than 48 hours until the one year anniversary of this project!

Rewards Shipped for Length x Wit Holiday Backers
December 10, 2014

Holiday Backer Tier games have been shipped!

Thank you all for pledging and have a safe and happy holiday!

Length x Wit Successfully Funded
October 8, 2014

Length x Wit has been successfully funded in less than 2 days!

We really appreciate all your support and can't wait to see what surprises the next 29 days will bring!

Length x Wit - Now on Kickstarter
October 7, 2014

Until Nov. 6

Length x Wit is a dice and tile press-your-luck word game for 2 - 6 players.

We will be running our Kickstarter campaign for 30 days and hope you will consider backing our project. Upon success of this Kickstarter, we look forward to bringing you high-quality artisan components with Victorian revival flair. Learn More

Please help us fund: The Word Game Preferred by Ladies and Gentlemen of Rare Distinction.

Dice Empire Website Open to Backers
July 9, 2014

We are happy to announce that the Dice Empire Backer Fulfillment Website is open. If you are one of the Dice Empire: Series One backers, please check your email for your formal invitation and login information. If you have any issues, please message us through Kickstarter or at

Happy dice shopping!

RIP Munchkin 360
July 2, 2014

Earlier today in conjunction with Steve Jackson Games we announced the cancellation of the Munchkin Video Game project. While we are saddened to be unable to complete the project, we are excited to bring the experience we've gained from working on Munchkin to all our other endeavors.

We look forward to bringing you new games of our own this year!

Dice Empire Kickstarter Concluded
February 20, 2014

Today concluded our Dice Empire: Series One Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to our generous backers, the project raised nearly 3,000% of our minimum funding goal. It was an exciting month, and we really can't thank you enough for helping us take our dreams to the next level.

We look forward to making you some really great dice!

Dice Empire: Series One - Now on Kickstarter
January 22, 2014

Some of us have been using off hours and weekends to design and manufacture dice. It makes a nice break from our daily hardcore video game development tasks. We've been making our own dice for a few months now and thought we would share our designs with the world outside of our normal gaming circles. Thus we present - DICE EMPIRE: Series One.

Dice that aren't boring.

About Tinderbox

Tinderbox Entertainment develops and publishes both video games and board games. AAAannndd...since no one on-line has the attention span to read any additional company PR beyond this point, we decided to display a few of our daily mantras instead!

On salesmanship:
Our games ARE the sales department.
On game design:
Play the game on paper before doing anything else.
On game quality:
We will no longer polish turds.
On game quality:
High quality is mandatory, but highly entertaining is even better.
On living:
Don't work, play.
On programming:
if (work != play) { BreakTime(Now()); }
On game design:
Gameplay is king.
On game design:
Simple and elegant game design is hard to achieve, but worth the effort.
On internet relations:
Don't feed the net trolls. Be disarmingly polite.
On public relations:
Hate mail is better than no mail.
On ego:
Remain approachable. Help other game developers.
On due diligence:
Don't forget to play games!
On design:
Have a reason for doing everything.
On making the best decisions:
Ask for help and second opinions; listen to others, then defend your creative position.
On self-worth:
Be proud of your accomplishments, but toss the ego.
On workplace behavior:
Funny before
On file organization:
Follow the naming convention or you will be whipped!
On spelling:
Always ask someone else to proof reade.
On identity:
Become the gaming community.
On learning:
Learn from the mistakes of others; and for fork's sake don't repeat your own.
On programming fads:
Embrace agile development; it's just a buzz word for more basic and ancient creative techniques.
On death:
Some day you will die, and when you do, you'd better still have your sketchbook on you.
On life:
Dedicate yourself, or there's no point to life.
On professionalism:
Show up, do the work, integrate with the team, and don't forget to argue about the Oxford comma.
On mistakes:
Commit to the repository before you go home!
On dedication:
Be in charge of something at least once a week.
On knowledge:
Teach someone what you've learned once a month.
On limitations:
You can't know it all, so ask around.
On community:
Gamers are smart.
On gamers:
Gamer and problem solver are synonymous.
On NW living:
Embrace the rain, and carry a towel.
On English:
Both videogame and boardgame should be one word.